Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Layered for Comfort

This month's House and Home is all about decorating for small spaces, and they're changing all the rules (finally). They are saying to use big statement pieces, go for bold color, add layers and show off collections (exactly!). As much as I like to look at those high-end designer homes, I love my stuff. I want to be surrounded by what is inspiring and comfortable to me (vintage cameras, white ironstone, drawings of my dogs, beautiful books).

I like how well the room is layered - vintage film equipment, gallery-style walls, stacks of books, soft furnishings mixed with hard, interesting lamps. Just remember to keep it tidy and cohesive or it could end up cluttered.


sandi said...

hurray for stuff!

Zesty Nest said...

hahaha...you know we love our stuff!

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