Monday, March 28, 2011

Of Course the Retro House Would Have an Airedale.

After posting Art on the Wall yesterday, I looked around at Charleston Home Mag's new stuff. I haven't been able to get this house off my mind.

Charleston Home Mag Retro Brilliance Living

This room especially.

Charleston Home Mag Retro Brilliance Loft

And I'm crazy intrigued with the art over this dresser.

Charleston Home Mag Retro Brilliance Bedroom

And is that? What? Oh, yes. Yes, it is an airedale.

Charleston Home Mag Retro Brilliance Sitting Room

I honestly didn't notice her the first time through, so I know I love the house even without her. But I definitely think she enhances the space!

Case is pleased....


See the rest of the house here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

TGI Art on the Wall - Finally!

I've been so busy hangin' with my bestie (who was on spring break this week!) and painting my bathroom that Friday's Art on the Wall completely got away from me!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bright Idea - Wicker

Whenever I want to give wicker furniture an update, I typically think, "Paint it white. It's clean. It's classic." But why not pep up your wicker furniture this season with a bright (or even neon!) paint job?

House and Home

danielleanthony copy

Mrs. Lear


wicker furniture makeover

Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspired by...

Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl Staircase

Yesterday, Josh and I opened the pool and washed all the pool furniture. Those lounge chairs are calling my name. But did I lay out today? No.

Centsational Girl Living Room

You see, yesterday we started talking about all the things we "have" to do to the house - like new decking, new heating/air units, re-painting the exterior trim. Um...not so fun. So I started to realize that all those things I "want" to do to the house - like new countertops, painting bathroom/laundry room, painting kitchen cabinets, new range/ovens - may get put off for a while.

Centsational Girl Bedroom

That's when I went over to Centsational Girl. This girl can do it all. She painted her own cabinetry(!!!), fireplace, and several pieces of furniture. So, I should be able to at least paint my bathroom. I mean, hey, I painted almost every other room in our house.

Centsational Girl Kitchen

So off to Sherwin-Williams I went. I've only used Benjamin Moore paint in our house, but our local supplier closed. Fortunately, all I need is my handy paint deck for S-W to mix my favorite colors. I came home with a can of primer after lunch and set to work. I love that it is possible to for me to refinish surfaces in my house, but what no one ever emphasizes enough is how INCREDIBLY time consuming it is. I spent 3 hours painting this afternoon and didn't even get all the edges done (I don't tape them off, because somehow I manage the same results with or without it.) So I guess my "Spring Break" (which really means "just another week" because I don't have kids and I'm out of school) will revolve around me trying to paint my bathroom. And, of course, I took "before" shots!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashions to Furnishings: Breaking All the Rules (Lucky Mag April 2011)

Breaking All The Rules - Don't Wear Denim Head to Toe

The Rule: Don't wear denim head to toe.
How to break it: Mix colors and weights - in classic, tailored shapes - to create a chic, polished effect.

"I wanted to wrap the living room in layers of pale blue tones without a lot of contrast. If you use color devoid of contrast, it becomes almost like a neutral." - Tobi Fairley

Breaking All The Rules - Socks and Sandals Should Never Be Worn Together

The Rule: Socks and sandals should never be worn together.
How to break it: Ground high-wattage, chunky platforms with neutral knee-highs for a subtle dose of quirky.

*Side Note - I STILL think socks should NEVER be worn with sandals.*

Breaking All The Rules - Never Wear Only One Color

The Rule: Never wear only one color.
How to break it: For contrast, layer lights and darks and add some texture to loosen it up even more.

Breaking All The Rules - Stear Clear of Granny-like Suits

The Rule: Steer clear of granny-like suits.
How to break it: Put a youthful spin on a suit with a blousy cut, short hemline and offbeat accessories.

"The shapes are all rather traditional.....It's the fabric that feels young." - Ashley Whittaker

Breaking All The Rules - Don't Wear Leather When It's Hot Outside

The Rule: Don't wear leather when it's hot outside.
How to break it: For an airy, summery feel, choose paper-thin leathers in a ballet-inspired palette.

House Beautiful - You've got framed Jackie O. photos in your closet. Is she one of your inspirations?

Melissa Warner - I love every outfit she ever wore. In all her clothes, the fabrics are always gorgeous. The colors are always crisp and clear. I'm drawn to those things. I also love Frances Elkins — she had that same timeless elegance. I look at rooms she designed in the 1930s, and they could have been done yesterday.

Breaking All The Rules - Treat Animal Print as an Accent

The Rule: Treat animal print as an accent.

How to break it: Pick a piece in a demure yet body-skimming silhouette - totally sexy but restrained at the same time.

All furnishing via House Beautiful, except animal print (Robert Passal). Designer quotes under respective projects.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Am Dragging My Anchor

Signal Flag Y

Seriously. Who knew I could find so much to do after vacation? I'm exhausted.

Lonny Magazine Picture-110

All day I've had the desire to purge my house of all unnecessary things.


Oh, there will still be plenty of stuff when I'm done.


All of a sudden, everything feels so inconsistent. I need a better way to organize and display. Or maybe get rid of some stuff? No.


I spent the majority of my evening cleaning out and organizing the dvds, wii and playstation game collection. So maybe I just need to go in and get organized.



Domino Magazine

Looks like tomorrow's gonna be another busy day.

Domino May 2008

Spring cleaning here I come!

signal flag here. all other images here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Eclectic, Peaceful, Original, and 100% Comfortable

We got home today. I was a bit sad to leave the beach, but am comforted knowing that I get to go back in a month or two. And would you believe that we were so busy getting everything set up (and, consequently, too tired and too longing to lounge around on the beach) that I forgot to take pics?!? I didn't even get one of all of us out at dinner! So, unfortunately, I can't share pics of the house yet (we didn't have the bookshelves completely done anyway). BUT I can say that it is sort of a mix between this...

coastal living beach house 1


coastal living beach house 2


coastal living beach house 4

and this...

coastal living beach house 3

And I know those photos don't do it justice. All the cabinets, the mantel, and (I think) the ceiling supports are made of dead head cypress (which is gorgeous! Read about deadhead cypress harvesting near our special part of Florida here). The fireplace and island are concrete mixed with seashells (cool, but I kept accidentally kicking the island from my barstool and chipping shells off - oops!). And all the walls are painted wood planks, which looks like beadboard. I'm hoping to get pics next time we go down!

all photos via coastal living
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