Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm No Carrie Bradshaw

I spent the better part of my evening (when I wasn't hiding from tornadoes in the basement) trying to clean and organize my closet. I used to think something like this was my dream....

domino closet

But, seriously? Who could wear all those? Turns out, this is where I'm at. Only mine doesn't look so pretty. And guess what?


I don't wear all the clothes in my closet...but I'm afraid to get rid of them. What if I have to go somewhere and that sweater I've never worn is the only appropriate thing I could possibly wear? Pfft! We were at the beach last week, and I didn't even wear all the clothes I brought with me then. I wore the same things over and over again. I do that at home too.

Eva Longoria's Closet, InStyle

I used to think it would be totally fabulous to have a library ladder in my closet. But looking at all the stuff I've bought and never wear made me feel sick! So that's it! I'm not buying any more clothes. I'm stopping here.

Celebrity Closet - Nikki Hilton - 022708_hilton_400x400

But I do need some shorts for the summer....

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