Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sandi's "New" House

In preparation for Katie's upcoming wedding, Sandi has redecorated! She painted over all the traditional wallpaper and simplified the decor (think soothing, calm, and a little beachy).

Again with the red leather sofa, but this time there are turquoise lamps, seashells, and her corgi, Ruthie.
The overall view of her family room. There used to be heavy drapes and a busy rug (I did kinda like the rug, but this is definitely better!).

She liked my furniture board so much that she wanted her own, so I made her this Curiosities board.

Hallway upstairs.

Her formal living room, which used to have a red and gold couch and DARK red paint on the wall. And how great is that coffee table?

The other half of the living room. Love the globes and glass bell domes!

And the entryway. We worked REALLY hard to get those birds that high in the air! But I really think it is worth the statement. And it's definitely better in person!

I think she's done an excellent job! And I know everyone at the wedding will love it too!

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corgiwhit said...

Glass bell jars on the secretary are now filled with naturally shed deer antlers, driftwood bits and wine bottle corks. I love the lighter feel and calm in the living room. The "bird" foyer is really amazing.

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