Friday, January 29, 2010

It's snowy here today so I've borrowed a label maker, and I'm about to get crazy! But first, I wanted to share these beautiful labels I downloaded last night (for free!) from PoppyTalk. Then I took them over to PhotoShop and made them my own with some turquoise words. A little double stick tape, and now they are attached and begging me to bake!

Get the free download here.

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Rachel said...

I love labels. It's part of my OCD personality. I should get labels and put on everything. I should make them in french so I can practice my vocabulary.

You know.. I do love bob hairdo's but everytime I get one I regret it in 1 week, I am, 3 years later, still trying to grow the thing out.
I need wigs like lady gaga. *Writes that idea down*

I was thinking just some added fringe like an Ashley Simpson light bang. Luckily the net wasn't too specific on hair dos - just something that stands out, or is unkempt. While I doubt Simpson's do "Stands Out"..perhaps I'll get some interesting highlights along the way. We'll see.

Keep the suggestions coming.

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