Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Found on Flickr: Beachy Spaces

OK. It's summer, and (not that this is any different from the rest of the year) I can't get the beach off my mind. So let's do this.
I love the ceilings, the patterns, the colors - it's all so interesting.
Red, white and blue? Yes, please!

I would love to curl up on one of these beds and read a good book....or look at more beachy rooms.

Awesome walls, love the white sofa, and those lamps are really kinda cool.

Um...chandelier. Need I say more?

Wonderful ceilings, love the staircase and that gnarly piece of wood.

Calm, traditional, and beachy. I like that coffee table with the more modern mantle and paint color.

Red, white, blue, and what? Yeah, green goes too. And can I please have those throw pillows?

Oh. Wow. The beach house I would literally never get tired of. Neutral colors. Collections (mirrors on the wall and I'm sure there are more the deeper you go). White slipcovers.

I want that painting.

Found 'em all on flickr

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