Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holy Cow! It's Cold Outside!

We had ANOTHER snow day today, but at least this time it was the pretty powdery stuff (we could barely make snowballs).

Snow Day 1

We had about 2 inches when I got up this morning, and it kept coming down all day! We finally ventured out into the backyard this afternoon.

Snow Day 8

EmmyLou was beyond ecstatic.

Snow Day 3

No, really.

Snow Day 5

Snow Day 4

Josh is 6 ft tall and the snow was almost mid-calf on him.

Snow Day 6

But that's just because Ruthie (our visiting dog) had already dug trenches to get around.

Snow Day 12

She was constantly jumping around like a rabbit!

Snow Day 9

Like I said, it was pretty deep. Penny kinda likes the cold on her belly, though.

Snow Day 2

I have no idea what Case was doing. I think he was hoping he could find a buried bone under the snow.

Snow Day 10

We were outside for, like, 15 minutes. I don't have waterproof gloves, and that white stuff is COLD.

Snow Day 11

Then I came back inside and ordered some spring clothes from the sale over at Lands' End Canvas (we're talking sleeveless tops and shorts for $9.99!). Phil did say spring is just around the corner!


sandi said...

you know groundhogs aren't known for their veracity...but, any reason for buying a SPRING wwardrobe (on sale?!?!) is good by me!

Zesty Nest said...

I'm excited about my new clothes! Hopefully I can wear them at the beach in a couple weeks!

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