Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Anthro Dress that Should Have Been

A couple months ago, I was at Anthropologie. Just browsing. Didn't really need to buy anything. Then I found this dress. I tried it on just for fun - it's price tag was a little steep for me! And I loved it! Despite the fact that when I tried to take it off, a ribbon was caught in the zipper and I nearly had to rip the dress off. But no worries, the dress pulled through. And went back on it's hanger to remain in the store.

The Anthro Dress that should have been

Yes, I took pictures of myself in the dressing room. I was alone. I wanted to show a friend. But now, every time I run across these pics on my phone, I'm a little sad I didn't buy it. Then, I see a preview for The New Girl (which I'm super excited about!), and there's Zooey....wearing my (almost) dress!


I checked the Anthro website. Sadly this dress is not there. Maybe if I can make it to Little Rock, I can find my size in the sale room (fingers crossed!).


Passion For Trashin said...

Best if luck in your pursuit of the dress!

Zesty Nest said...

Thanks, Terry! I'm thinking a little post wedding celebratory trip to Anthropologie may be in my immediate future!

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