Monday, June 13, 2011

Highlights from the Prix de West

So we went to Oklahoma City this weekend for our anniversary and the Prix de West. The show was huge! I've never been to such a big art show (granted, I haven't been to many art shows period, but was big!). As we were leaving with headaches, we realized that you're probably supposed to look a little and then sit down. Look a little more. Break. Continue looking. We did not do this. The show was such an overwhelming experience. Plus, it was opening weekend and all the artist were there. (Which would have been cool if I'd felt competent enough to talk to them.)

But we did come away with some new favorite works/artist including:

My personal favorite from the entire show. Check out more of his works here.

Terri Kelly Moyers - "El Tejido de la Familia"
Josh's favorite painting from the entire show.

Another one of Josh's favorites - but don't get me wrong, I enjoyed them too!

He had 2 paintings in the show, and I loved them both. It's amazing to me how he can draw your eye into the painting. He makes it hard to look away.

Ramon Kelley - "Ready for Rendezvous"
Maybe I like this because it's all loose and impressionistic...or maybe I like it because it looks a little like Dumbledore. Maybe both.

G. Russell Case - "Painted Cliffs"

As I was walking around wishing I could take pictures of the show, I saw other people with cameras taking close-up shots of the artwork (and there were loads of security guys walking around) and I'm thinking they're gonna get caught. They never did. So as we're leaving the show, I look at my map. And, basically, you can take pictures anywhere in the building, but you can't use flash in the Prix de West section. If only I'd seen that sooner.....

It was a wonderful show! Later that evening we had supper at The Melting Pot (dips for supper!). It was my first time! And let me just say, "Yum!" The only weird part is that they bring you a plate of raw meat for the entree and you have to cook it yourself. I cooked mine EXTREMELY well done. Then we went to the traveling production of 9 to 5. Honestly, not the best Broadway play I've ever seen, but very cute if you love Dolly! And, really, who doesn't?


crystal.cattle said...

What an awesome experience. Last year I got a sneak peak of the show. Such beautiful artwork. I really hope to make it back to the Museum when Prix de West is on next year. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

Zesty Nest said...

Crystal, it was so amazing! I've never seen anything like it. I'm thrilled I had the opportunity to attend. This year's show is up until August if can make it over to Oklahoma!

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