Monday, March 1, 2010

House Tour - Family Room

Back to the house tour I started SO LONG ago. I just keep feeling like my rooms need work. But since coming back from vacation, I am much happier with my house and its "hominess."

This is the back of the family room. Unfortunately, I took this pictures tonight so it is dark outside the windows, but in the daytime they are wonderful!

I love my vintage cameras and my penguins! Oh, and did I mention that vintage schoolhouse map of the world?!?

This wall I've posted before, but now you see how it works into the rest of the room.

I really like this room, and I designed it to be the room we hang out in all the time. But since I created the sitting room, we stay in there with the dogs a lot (one of them likes to chew stuff up, and we have no way of blockading her in here).

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