Sunday, March 21, 2010


After seeing this image in my newest Traditional Home,

I decided that the sociable, as they call it, is a very underused piece of furniture. I actually thought about using one in my entryway when we first moved in (and if I found one for a really great price, I would probably buy and put it there). So I began to scour the internet for more, but the only sociables I found were birds, especially when I looked up "tufted sociable" (this is apparently a type of duck). So after a few days of sifting through ottomans, I finally realized that these wonderful pieces of furniture are now called round settees. This is everything I found, so enjoy!

I love how it can be super formal or super casual.

Wouldn't this be nice in your home dressing room (assuming you're fortunate enough to have that kind of space)?

Pretty sure my dogs would be ON it not BESIDE it, but I LOVE this space. It makes me so happy to look at!
I believe you can actually buy these next few.


LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is green leather!

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