Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anthropologie Grand Opening Event in Little Rock

A couple of weeks ago, I got a little invitation in the mail inviting me to the Grand Opening of the new Anthropologie in Little Rock! I immediately rescheduled my other plans (because, Hello? Anthropologie!). So when I got there, I asked if I could take pics to share here on Zesty Nest (it's been my experience that stores appreciate it when you ask first, take pics second). To my surprise, and utter delight, the girl at the front door took me straight to Anthropologie's district visual manager, Katie Schaeffer. She was so sweet and took me on a personal tour of the store, showing me the current displays and even telling me how they made some of them! So let's jump in!

These clocks were in the front of the store. I think they are a beautiful touch! We didn't get into how they were made, but I don't think they were for sale. But I'm thinking, cut some cuckoo clock shapes from cardboard, cover with fabric, and use one of those little clock kits from the craft store. Adorable!

There were lots of fantastic little birds all over the store. The little guys hanging out in these crates were no exception. And that wallpaper? Awesome! And have we seen Keith go to Morocco yet? I can't remember, but that was the inspiration for this bedroom.

OK. This is actually the first thing I saw when I walked in the door (and it's kinda in the back), but I do love a nice pair of antlers. He was made using those little fabric pom poms from the craft store! And, of course, sticks!! The image on the right is a close-up of the "fancy" wallpaper - fire hydrants!

This is actually a little nook in one of the front windows. They just created a little forest, complete with nesting lovebirds!

The other front window - tree stumps made from round concrete forms, which were were covered with cardboard (rip one of the smooth edges off to expose the ripply side and spray-paint) and topped with a cushion! I seriously wish I had a reason to make some of these...

Live entertainment for the evening was Amy Stroup. She was wonderful, funky, cool! And I'm sure you see the most awesome stick horse in the background! And the pendant lights (which look a lot like hornets' nests) - definitely something for the future beach house (fingers crossed).

This is awesome and great for the coming holiday season (Christmas!). It's netting made from copper flashing, which can be bought at the hardware store. Cut it with scissors, punch holes with a hole punch (How easy is that?!), then string using funky yarn from the craft store (they went to Michael's).

Remember this sofa from the catalog? Ever wonder if the furniture is as fabulous in person? Oh, it is! I wish wish wish I could have brought this home with me! (But then I kinda have an obsession with sofas...)

Casually styled for an eclectic, collected look (and way better than the cluttered tables at my house).

Mushrooms! Made from - wait for it - Modeling Dough! They looked just like ceramic mushrooms, except when I touched them (of course I touched them!), they were light as air. But how awesome would it be to get some fake moss (like here), make some little mushrooms, and put them under a glass cloche?! Or make a tablescape?! There are so many possibilities!

But that's what I love about Anthropologie! I always get inspired - whether in the store, in the catalog, or just looking at cool stuff on-line. I'm really thankful to Katie for showing me around, and I'll definitely be checking back later in the season (she said they'll be switching out some of the displays for the holidays!).

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Rachel T. said...

The horse is inspired by Deborah Butterfield's artwork:

I must say my favorite thing is the deer! I need to make one!!

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