Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Florida Artist Justin Gaffrey

A few months ago, Sandi alerted me to a new artist she found -Justin Gaffrey. She can't get enough of him. Viewing some of his painting via a facebook link, I thought he was....ok. But Sandi continued to go on and on about how amazing he was, how she loved his subject matter and the beautiful texture with which he paints.

While in Florida last week on vacation (the reason I barely blogged at all), she found a couple of his paintings in a store in Apalachicola, Apalach Outfitters. Sandi was, of course, swooning. I went, a bit grudgingly, to see what she was going on about. Was I ever amazed! These are not the kind of paintings that can be viewed as a photograph. They have to be experienced. His trees and water come out of the painting, as if trying to engulf you. Well, turns out the owners of Apalach Outfitters consider him a dear friend. He lives barely 2 hours from there. No wonder Sandi was so taken with his subject matter - they're of her favorite beaches!

The lady at Apalach Outfitters told us that he had some painting up in the new airport in Panama City as well. I don't know how we missed them upon arrival, but I made sure to capture them before heading home. Enjoy!

airport 1

airport 2

airport 3

airport 4

airport 5

Coming tomorrow: What has Amy at The Green Door been up to since my last visit?

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