Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Green Door Update

Since my last visit to The Green Door, it appears Amy has had quite a bit of turnover! (Even while I was there, she was busy painting new canvases and packing up items to ship out.) There were so many new and interesting things!

She had some beautiful new paintings!
Green Door Oct 2010 5

And I'm pretty sure she stuck some burlap on this one for some really cool texture!
Green Door Oct 2010 4

Love this dresser, which she jazzed up with some paint and shells!
Green Door Oct 2010 3

Sandi and I really just wanted to hang out in the back of the store, where we found this beautiful sofa. That's a slipcover! So cozy and beautiful!
Green Door Oct 2010

I just dying to have a pair of these light fixtures made from wind turbines (so creative!) in my house!
Green Door Oct 2010 2

She always has such wonderful displays...
Green Door Oct 2010 7
Loving that lobster!

Green Door Oct 2010 8

And you never know what you'll see when you turn a corner!
Green Door Oct 2010 6

Thanks for the inspiration and eye candy, Amy! Can't wait to see what you have on my next visit!


sandi said...

It is such a joy to walk in The Green Door. Amy makes you feel right at pretentious snobbery. Beautiful, peaceful luscious colors. Go visit!

Chelsea said...

I love your blog and I especially love The Green Door! Amy sells my paintings in the gallery. She had an amazing show last spring! If she plans another, you should try and come down. I just want to snuggle up on one of her shelves and live there forever. She is such a talent! Such a happy place!

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