Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beth Shops Beach - The Green Door

The Green Door in Apalachicola is the newest store I've visited on this trip...and I'm so glad I did! It was here last June when we came, but I didn't get a chance to visit. Owner and artist Amy Friedman has done an amazing job! From the moment I walked in and saw this wonderful cabinet with her artwork and fun finds, I loved it.

She owns the entire first floor of her old downtown building, so I just kept going deeper and deeper. Every time I turned a corner, there was a new room with a new feel. I loved this one with the bright greens and bright blues. And see all the lamps? She makes those herself!

I especially loved this one made of cork!

Down at the end of the hallway was this great mirror, and I totally bought one of those Dash and Albert blankets folded up underneath it.

This room of her store is so serene and natural. I loved the great furniture, her picture frames made from recycled wood, and wonderful collection of shells and barnacles.

I could've spent most of the day hanging out in here and talking to Amy, and I can't wait to go back next time I'm in town!
For more info and to view her artwork, check out her website.


Anonymous said...

love this place. just got back from a trip to St. George Island and The Green Door was, by far, my favorite shop in the area. will definitely be back for more!

Adrian said...

Nice looking seekers dude. Nice choice of colours and I like the clear distinction between the rider and beast, without losing the Slaaneshi look and feel.Accounting logo design

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