Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Towel Hangers

I have been wishing for a towel hanger in my kitchen since we moved in. I can't hang one on the oven, and there are knobs on my drawers. There is no towel bar anywhere! I'm still searching for an answer to this problem.

I was watching reruns of "Family Ties" the other day when I spotted a fun solution! See that white cow and chicken on the wall? See the towels hanging around their necks!? If I had the wall space, (maybe I do and I just can't see it) I would look for something like this to hang in there - the cow, not the chicken.

I worked at a vet's office for a little over a year, and we had a cow that someone made hanging in the bathroom to hang the towel on. I always thought it was an interesting concept, but it always seemed a little...too rustic for me. But now I know, it just needs to be spray-painted white! (But I do tend to want to spray paint EVERYTHING...)
So there it is - the solution to my problem from an eighties sitcom. Now to find one of my own...

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