Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crawfish Boil, Anyone?

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Josh and I mostly sat around and rested, aside from a crawfish boil on Saturday night and a golf tourny on Sunday. Though I was born in Mississippi and "grew up" in Louisiana, I had never actually been to a crawfish boil before (plenty of fish fries, though!). So this was a new experience for me. Josh ordered a bunch of crawfish from Louisiana, and some shrimp from our favorite destination on the Florida coast - Apalachicola.

For our anniversary, I gave him the hugest cookbook I've ever seen (Hook, Lies, and Alibis), which apparently had several crawfish and shrimp recipes in it.

Add some sausage, home-grown corn, and potatoes, and our first annual 4th of July Crawfish Boil was born!

The guys really loved it! Let me just say, the shrimp was excellent! It tasted just like it does when we get it on the coast. Super fresh and yummy!

We're thinking about trying this again for an away game (Arkansas football season is just around the corner!). We can sit on the back deck, eat shrimp, drink beer (or other girlier drinks) and watch football. Could it get any better?

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