Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Am Dragging My Anchor

Signal Flag Y

Seriously. Who knew I could find so much to do after vacation? I'm exhausted.

Lonny Magazine Picture-110

All day I've had the desire to purge my house of all unnecessary things.


Oh, there will still be plenty of stuff when I'm done.


All of a sudden, everything feels so inconsistent. I need a better way to organize and display. Or maybe get rid of some stuff? No.


I spent the majority of my evening cleaning out and organizing the dvds, wii and playstation game collection. So maybe I just need to go in and get organized.



Domino Magazine

Looks like tomorrow's gonna be another busy day.

Domino May 2008

Spring cleaning here I come!

signal flag here. all other images here.


birdsofafeatherdesign.com said...

yes, i was going to clean and organize today while my kids are in school... but I am reading blogs instead...oh well... love the orla kiely wallpaper!..happy spring cleaning...-Ann

Zesty Nest said...

Well, I had plans to clean out all the clutter and get organized, but what did I do instead? Go to Target and TJ Maxx, where I bought more stuff! There's just always something better to do than clean!

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