Monday, March 21, 2011

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Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl Staircase

Yesterday, Josh and I opened the pool and washed all the pool furniture. Those lounge chairs are calling my name. But did I lay out today? No.

Centsational Girl Living Room

You see, yesterday we started talking about all the things we "have" to do to the house - like new decking, new heating/air units, re-painting the exterior trim. Um...not so fun. So I started to realize that all those things I "want" to do to the house - like new countertops, painting bathroom/laundry room, painting kitchen cabinets, new range/ovens - may get put off for a while.

Centsational Girl Bedroom

That's when I went over to Centsational Girl. This girl can do it all. She painted her own cabinetry(!!!), fireplace, and several pieces of furniture. So, I should be able to at least paint my bathroom. I mean, hey, I painted almost every other room in our house.

Centsational Girl Kitchen

So off to Sherwin-Williams I went. I've only used Benjamin Moore paint in our house, but our local supplier closed. Fortunately, all I need is my handy paint deck for S-W to mix my favorite colors. I came home with a can of primer after lunch and set to work. I love that it is possible to for me to refinish surfaces in my house, but what no one ever emphasizes enough is how INCREDIBLY time consuming it is. I spent 3 hours painting this afternoon and didn't even get all the edges done (I don't tape them off, because somehow I manage the same results with or without it.) So I guess my "Spring Break" (which really means "just another week" because I don't have kids and I'm out of school) will revolve around me trying to paint my bathroom. And, of course, I took "before" shots!

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