Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashions to Furnishings: Breaking All the Rules (Lucky Mag April 2011)

Breaking All The Rules - Don't Wear Denim Head to Toe

The Rule: Don't wear denim head to toe.
How to break it: Mix colors and weights - in classic, tailored shapes - to create a chic, polished effect.

"I wanted to wrap the living room in layers of pale blue tones without a lot of contrast. If you use color devoid of contrast, it becomes almost like a neutral." - Tobi Fairley

Breaking All The Rules - Socks and Sandals Should Never Be Worn Together

The Rule: Socks and sandals should never be worn together.
How to break it: Ground high-wattage, chunky platforms with neutral knee-highs for a subtle dose of quirky.

*Side Note - I STILL think socks should NEVER be worn with sandals.*

Breaking All The Rules - Never Wear Only One Color

The Rule: Never wear only one color.
How to break it: For contrast, layer lights and darks and add some texture to loosen it up even more.

Breaking All The Rules - Stear Clear of Granny-like Suits

The Rule: Steer clear of granny-like suits.
How to break it: Put a youthful spin on a suit with a blousy cut, short hemline and offbeat accessories.

"The shapes are all rather traditional.....It's the fabric that feels young." - Ashley Whittaker

Breaking All The Rules - Don't Wear Leather When It's Hot Outside

The Rule: Don't wear leather when it's hot outside.
How to break it: For an airy, summery feel, choose paper-thin leathers in a ballet-inspired palette.

House Beautiful - You've got framed Jackie O. photos in your closet. Is she one of your inspirations?

Melissa Warner - I love every outfit she ever wore. In all her clothes, the fabrics are always gorgeous. The colors are always crisp and clear. I'm drawn to those things. I also love Frances Elkins — she had that same timeless elegance. I look at rooms she designed in the 1930s, and they could have been done yesterday.

Breaking All The Rules - Treat Animal Print as an Accent

The Rule: Treat animal print as an accent.

How to break it: Pick a piece in a demure yet body-skimming silhouette - totally sexy but restrained at the same time.

All furnishing via House Beautiful, except animal print (Robert Passal). Designer quotes under respective projects.

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Mom said...

I love the blue living room. It looks peaceful and alive.

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