Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cake Stands

I spent a good protion of my evening last night making this cake (which I think will be very tastey!), and good portion of my morning trying to fix it (the icing was too runny). So I was thinking about how even when the cake layers themselves fall apart, everything can be put back together with a little glue (icing).

Cakes are all about presentation. Sure, they taste good, but I really want a cake that is pretty to look at.

So I love cake stands! They really complete the look. And, after I've spent time baking, I want to put my creation on a pedestal! this Martha's pantry? I want to look through it. I don't think her daughter wants any of it....have you seen her show?

I have a feeling I'll be looking for vintage cake stands on my upcoming trip to Canton.....
all images found via google images

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