Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love these women!

I just found out that Season 3 of Designing Women came out on DVD in March. Off to Hastings I go!

And, if you haven't visted Natchez, MS for Pilgrimage, they do a play at their Little Theatre called Southern Exposure that is A LOT like this clip! And well worth seeing!

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jim barlow said...

Wow, you have a "sharp eye" for true art! One look is like reading a book! You remind me of me! (one thousand comedians out of work)I have spent many hours "inspecting" Gunderman's scrap yard. Some people call it a "junkyard" I call it a "possibility" yard. You never know what a cutting torch and welding rod will make! I am sure you are an "inspiration" for others! J.B.

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