Monday, April 5, 2010

Some Things.

I want vintage bundt pans on MY walls!

I think we should take a trip to St. Louis, because there is A LOT of stuff to do there. And (and this is VERY cool), the zoo has a penguin experience program, but you gotta book it 3 weeks ahead.

I think I should get a porch swing for my back deck, a la Martha.

And, Desire To Inspire did an Easter reading list of new favorite blogs found over the last year. It's LONG, and wonderful! And it's how I found Full House, which is going on my favorites list.

Full House

1 comment:

compulsively compiled said...

I adore the bundt pan kitchen and have to tell my sister right now! Her kitchen is old and perfect for this. Actually, I'm thinking the breakfast nook attached to the kitchen. Either way, perfect.

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